Why most of the players choose WYD but not SD.

September 2, 2008

Why most of the players choose WYD but not SD?Why players say that WYD is much better than SD?WYD Global is a game that worthy for all players to play it FOREVER!!!,But why?although WYD and SD are same kind of game,but they are totally different,and the differences between these 2 games are controlling the numbers of the player in game,here are the differences for these 2 games…hehehe

WYD Global-rules by some good and hardworking GM,GM always sacrifice their time on replying the Q&A and updating the game,with some good drop rates from citizen(so players can hunt),most players in the game are good person and willing to help,with military academy that can helps newbie/some poor player to get level faster,events held eventually,and many many more.

SD(malaysia server)-totally opposite from WYD,lazy GM,game update very slow,always bad drop rate(so all the players need to scam or buy points for make money),most players in the game are scammers because they cant make money by themselves due to the drop rate,rarely have event but these event normally just for the company to earn money(like water crazy anct weapon drops event)

So WYDians please make good choice between WYD and SD.Good Luck and Have a nice day for all GM,CM and WYDIAN!!!